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Tattoo Pain Worries 

The thought of getting a tattoo can worry many people in a number of different ways, you’ll have a number of questions to ask, and questions you didn’t know you wanted to ask, getting a tattoo isn’t a common experience people go through, and lots of people will not have experienced it before at all.

There are many things that you must try for the first time at many points in your life, and these new experiences can bring on some degree of anxiety, apprehension and considering a tattoo is no different.

There can be many many reasons why people may feel worried and concerned about getting a tattoo, such as the actual pain caused during a tattooing session is definitely one of the big reasons and one of the most asked questions.

Twitching and jerking while being tattooed

Many people who have not yet had a tattoo are concerned that they may jolt or jump when the needle initially touches their skin due to the imminent and sharp pain, that may cause the artist to make a mistake.

In reality you may feel like this is going to happen, especially if it’s your first time, this is rarely ever a problem, The pain you feel when the needle first touches your skin is not that sharp enough or painful enough for you to over react by twitching or moving the body part out of shock, The pain will feel just like a little scratch and would not feel in any way intensely painful.

Coming Across as a Wimp

lots of people are worried that they will come across as being scared of frightened about the process or the way you may react during your tattooing session, you may be concerned that you may have to quit the tattoo or you start squirming, screaming, twitching, shaking, and facial expressions ect.
But you must realize that there is no shame in being in pain while getting a tattoo. Tattoos hurt everybody in different ways and then again in no real way at all.

You may feel you are in discomfort, but I can promise you that your artist will have seen much worse from the many previous customers that they have dealt with before you, and no doubt many more after you.

Anticipation can be the biggest fear, and that anticipation will be what it is that will stop you getting your first tattoo, but remember tattoos come in all shapes and sizes, if you have concerns, choose your first tattoo to be small and fast, test the water first, see what the experience is like, if you like it expand on your first tattoo or you could cover it up with a bigger design.

Not Being Able to Finish the Tattoo

Lots of people are scared that they will have to stop the tattooing session halfway through because they won’t be able to deal with the pain or even their nerves. You should take comfort in knowing that the amount of times this happens is actually quite common, especially on extra tender areas of skin.

If you have a lower pain threshold and feel that you are certain that you won’t be able to last for very long then it’s recommended that you try to arrange with your artist to have shorter sessions, we are perfectly happy to break your appointments and tattooing sessions into smaller sections if the tattoo is on the larger side.

People also generally do this where their budget is concerned, by having their outline done in one session, and colouring and shading done over another one or two sessions,
At the end of the day it’s what’s more suitable for you.

Fear of Needles

A common fear for many people who wish to get a tattoo, the one thing people just can’t get past, the whole needle aspect of the experience. For many people this can be an enormous phobia, and therefore can be a tough one to overcome.

The needles that are used in a tattoo gun are nothing like the hypodermic needles that you’re most likely are worried about when you’re at the doctors or at hospital. Tattoo needles are extremely short in length and only actually go about 1-2mm into your skin, they barely break the skin, and being scratched by a cat can be more damaging than a tattoo needle.

While being tattooed you never need to look at the tattoo gun while the artist is working on your design.

Your artist will check everything is still ok for you throughout your tattoo, keep yourself distract and you’ll soon forget about your concerns over the tattoo gun, and before you know it you’ll find yourself asking yourself why you was worried in the first place.

Fear of Blood

Similar to the fear of needles we spoke about above some people don’t like the sight of blood.
Normally there is only a minimal amount of blood that is actually drawn out of the skin during the tattooing process. The mixing with the ink makes it seem like there’s a lot of blood than there actually is.

Again you don’t have to look at the area that is being tattooed while your artist is working on you. Just mention if you’re worried to your artist before they start and you can ask for them to wipe clean your tattoo before each time you look at it so there’s as little blood around the area as possible. Your artist will be wiping away on your tattoo as he is tattooing you, it a natural part of the artists process.

Be aware that there is likely to be small amounts of blood during the next 48 hours after the tattoo is completed, but this should be a very minimal amount. You don’t need to get too worried if you see some blood and other liquid trapped beneath the protective wrapping when you come to take it off – it’s completely normal, the best part of this is that underneath your wrap is your new tattoo that you will be proud of.


I think everyone at some time especially with a first tattoo can get extremely worried and anxious that they may pass out while being tattooed because of the pain, nerves and anticipation.

In all honesty though it is quite uncommon that anyone passes out, the main reasons why some people faint is not normally down to the fear of pain from being tattooed.

When people faint and pass out during a tattoo, it’s normally due to different factors such as extreme panicking before the tattoo, or the fear of other things besides the pain such as needles and blood as mentioned above.

Common causes of Fainting can be caused by low blood sugar levels, which is relatively common during tattooing sessions due to the effects that the penetrating needles have on the central nervous system, but this is only relevant on very long tattooing session that last several hour, several hour tattooing sessions are quite rare and so is fainting.

One other element to people passing out is the misconception that using drugs or alcohol before your appointment will numb the pain for you. This is not entirely the case, for one reason, if your artist suspects you’ve been using drugs or alcohol you won’t be getting tattooed at all, therefore you won’t be passing out.

If you start to feel faint or dizzy, tell your artist immediately. If you ever start to feel unwell or sick, ask your artist to take a break and get some fresh air and a drink of water to help compose yourself again.

Also remember that you can take a sugary snack or drink with you to your appointment as this can help boost your blood sugar levels to prevent and help manage any unwanted ill/dizzy spells during the session.

It’s advisable that you are prepared for your appointment, if you know you have a long tattooing session booked in then you can prepare yourself.