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We can also cover up not just tattoos, but scars that you may have, there are different techniques that can be used to cover scars, the intention is to hide them or to take the focus away from them.
Some scars may not be able to cover up but with a well thought out design a scar can be incorporated in to a design and even become the foundations of the design or a focal point.

Again call in to the shop and have chat with the artist and between us we can come up with a solution that you will be happy with, I’m sure we can come up with something that will give you back your confidence in hiding any of your skin blemishes.

tattoo shop warrington

Self Harm Cover-Ups

Some people say cutting or burning their skin brings them relief from emotional pain and distress, its compared to a release valve to release pressure, frustration and confusion, this is the act usually referred to as self-harm, this can be the last resort people may feel that they have, the panic and fear that builds up inside your thoughts as the confused frustrated anger builds a into rage inside and takes over through red mist, and then you realise what you’ve done.

Some people admitted to cutting themselves, but many more don’t, they hide their scars of pain they've suffered inside, there are many reasons why people self harm, but all the results remain the same.

Self-harmers often have their skin tattooed or their body pierced to help overcome a negative experience they encounter in life, some people use tattooing and piercing to experience physical pain as a deterrent to self harm. Many self-harmers have said they had ceased cutting themselves after obtaining their first piercing or tattoo.

The scars left behind are a reminder to a chapter of life that remains open, as the scars are visible or hidden by clothing, they are a constant reminder, people can feel they are socially unaccepted, as people feel they are being judged, whether it’s just day to day, dating, job interviews, with their children, marriage, by themselves and vanity.

We at the Tattoo shop are here to offer a solution to cover up your scars, we want to help you find your way to confidence and to be able to allow yourself to find a way for closing that chapter of reminders for you.

Scars need time to go through the healing process, some scars can take up to a year maybe even longer. Each person’s scars can heal at different rates based on both size and depth of scar and your own body's response to healing.

There are some methods you can try to help heal scars in the meantime, including using Vitamin E oil/Bio oils, you should also drink plenty of water, to help hydrate your skin and encourage regeneration of the skin tissues.

Consider the pain aspect. Due to Scar tissue being more sensitive than undamaged skin tissues, the expectation is to feel the tattooing process a bit more than you normally would, especially when tattooing on the scar tissue that may also have some nerve damage.

Each individuals pain levels vary, but you should be aware that the sensations maybe increased slightly. Considering your design idea, Some people consider symbols of strength, or ribbons to show support, Other people choose motivational phrases or scripture that are both personal and meaningful to yourself like a motto, there are various shapes and designs that can suit the anatomy of your scared area.

Tattooing over scar tissue can be a bit more difficult for your artist as tattooing over scar tissue is not the same as tattooing on normal skin tissue. Your artist will help you with your design idea to be able to cover your scars with a tattoo.

Some designs with large open spaces within the design such as Celtic or tribal style tattoos are generally not advised as this won’t fully cover your scars. Choosing a design that allows your artist plenty of space for creativity to fill in and shade over the highs and lows of your skin surface will help to blend your design in to your skins blemishes.

Most scars can be covered over by a tattoo, however Some scars can’t be but they can be incorporated in to the designed theme of a tattoo, where a scar can be a focal point to the design. We will work with you to come up with a design that you will feel comfortable with and the hope you can enjoy your cover up and to allow you to feel accepted back in to society where you have a tattoo to show pride rather than the scars that you hide.

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