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Preparing For Your Tattoo

In preparation for your Tattoo Session

Staying Hydrated

leading up to your tattoo session it’s advisable to drink plenty of water as staying hydrated, this helps to maintain a more balanced bodily function and improves health and well being in general, it can also be especially important when you’re having a tattoo.

By staying hydrated this makes your skin more resilient which allows you to endure a longer tattoo session, it can also help the healing process after you session has finished.

Moisturizing your skin.

Keeping your body hydrated from drinking water will benefit your skin from the inside, you can also hydrate your skin on the outside by using a moisturizer, by using a moisturizing lotion on your skin once or twice a day for the week leading up to your appointment will help your skin from being too dry, with your skin hydrated this has added benefits for yourself during you tattoo session, and can also make it easier for your tattoo artist.

On the day of your appointment, you don’t need to use a lotion as you want your skin to be dry and fresh, but you can maintain drinking water in preparation.


On the day before your appointment its best to shave the area where you will be tattooed as this is creating the smoothest possible surface for the tattoo artist to work on. For best results it’s best to have no trace of hair in the area to be tattooed.

Shaving before your appointment will also help your artist in their time in preparation and planning during your appointment. It’s best not to shave on the day of your tattoo as you could risk a shaving rash or damaging the surface of your skin, causing an irritation or burning sensation.

Be careful not to cut your skin while doing this, a minor cut or a break of the skin could make it impossible for you to get tattooed on that day, so pay careful attention during a shave. If possible ask someone to shave you if it’s a difficult area for you to reach, if you’re unable to shave beforehand then your artist will prepare that tattooing area for you.

If you choose to wax the area, remember your skin needs healing time after waxing, so waxing a few days before your appointment should give your skin plenty of time to heal.

And once again it is important to moisturize the skin after a shave or wax up to the day before your appointment ready for a tattooing session.

Be aware of

Now that you have spent all week preparing your skin for your tattoo appointment the important part you need to know is that Tattoos won’t be able to be applied to freshly damaged skin and the healing of damaged skin can’t be guaranteed the tattoo will not suffer blemishes during the healing process.

So anything which could possibly cause damage to the skin must be avoided. This can included getting a tan, sunburn or a fake tan, or any cuts, scrapes, grazes, burns or spots.

Strenuous exercise such as weight lifting may be advised to be avoided for at least two to three days before the tattoo session. By putting strain on your muscles this can cause swelling and soreness which may create an increased sensation to the skin during the tattooing session and it may also have an impact on healing time and the level of comfort during the healing time.

Heavy weight lifting can cause your skin to stretch slightly in the more dominant muscular areas which could end up causing your tattoo to be distorted when your skin and muscles return to their normal size.


Bear in mind to eat before a long tattoo session as you would prepare to do for any another other appointment you may attend in general.

Making sure you eat a meal before heading to your tattoo appointment, It’s not uncommon for people to pass out from fatigue in the tattoo chair due to not eating beforehand because of nerves and/or anxiety leading up the your appointment.

When you are hungry your body’s pain management can become more difficult to tolerate the level of pain you may encounter which can make the process more unpleasant for yourself and your artist.

If you are having a larger piece of work done and you have booked in a longer session, you may be advised to bring a light snack with you. A snack is handy if you get hungry during your session or want a way to distract yourself from an uncomfortable section during the tattooing procedure.

Choose your snack that isn’t messy and can be eaten with one hand. It may not be possible to leave the studio during a tattoo to go and get something to eat, as you may be at risk of contaminating your tattoo or damaging your fresh ink without protection.

On the day of your appointment you should.

Be mindful of your tattoo artist. If you can’t make your appointment please contact us to let us know as soon as possible so that we can get you booked in for another day, if you don’t notify your artist you can’t attend that day you will lose your deposit for that day.

Please try to arrive in plenty of time for your appointment, time has been allocated for your tattoo by the artist, if you arrive late you may leave yourself short of time in your allocated time slot and may need to book in for a second appointment to finish off your tattoo rather than the artist rushing to finish your design to make up for lost time at the start of the appointment.

Come to your appointment alone

While there is a waiting room with a TV, most tattooists will let you bring a friend or partner to share the big moment with you but it’s generally advised not to bring people who are not get tattooed themselves.

Spectators generally get bored and may even get in the artist’s way or cause distractions for the artist or even yourself. If you must bring someone with you, then please advise them that they will need to stay in the designated waiting area unless the artist agrees for them to sit by your side.

Children and infants are not permitted in the tattoo shop during tattooing as they can cause distractions, damage to equipment, or interruption to the tattoo artist’s intense level of concentration, the last thing you need is for your artist to be nudged or bumped into during your tattooing.

In some cases I appreciate you may need to bring someone with you such as a chaperone, interpreter or carer, this is fine.

These are merely guidelines

Dress Accordingly

Prepare for a tattooing session and dress accordingly for the duration and area of your tattoo. Avoid wearing tight and constricting clothing and give some consideration to where you will be getting tattooed and make sure the clothing you wear leaves the area easily accessible.

You may also want to consider bringing a change of clothes to wear while you having your tattoo done, and also bear in mind to wear loose clothing on the area of your tattoo once your artist have finished.

Bring items of comfort

If you have booked in for a long session of tattooing, you will be generally in the same position for a period of time, you will be able to bring something like a pillow if you intend to lay down or will be lying down for a long period of time while getting tattooed. Being comfortable is not just important for you, but also for your artist.

Bring something to pass the time

As exciting as it is getting your tattoo, it can also get boring during the process, as chatty as your artist maybe it does take a high level of concentration at times during your tattoo.

You would be advised to bring some form of entertainment with you which won’t disrupt your tattoo artist but will allow you to pass the time and to distract yourself during the session.

You are more than welcome to bring portable entertainment equipment such as mp3 player, a book/magazine, Smartphone, tablet, or laptop for what may become a welcomed distraction. Movies, music, reading and TV are a good source, but anything which requires you to move around like playing video games within reason are not permitted.

There is a TV and a radio in the studio already, as well as a TV in the waiting room.

Try not to Move Around.

It’s acceptable to talk with your artist during your session so long as you don’t begin gesturing with your hands, arms or body, doing so will disrupt the tattoo artist and could lead to some unpleasant repercussions to your tattoo, Stay still and be patient, and it will be worth the wait.

Don’t Rush

When you come to your tattoo appointment arrive in plenty of time, be relaxed and let your artist take their time. Try not to schedule any commitments immediately after your tattoo session. If you are in a rush or impatient you will create an atmosphere of urgency within the studio which may result in your tattoo artist’s work being rushed or forced.

Be clear headed.

While it is acceptable for you to take over the counter pain relief medication during your tattoo session, never use illegal drugs or alcohol to numb the pain as they can lead to various complications and jeopardize your safety and your artist’s safety and the quality of your tattoo.

Drugs and alcohol can also have an affect with your bodily functions and may also cause the thinning of blood which can cause delays in the starting process of the healing stage.


Don’t Touch Your Tattoo during the session.

Please don’t touch the affected area of your tattoo or let anyone other than your tattoo artist touch it while being tattooed. Your tattoo artist will be wearing sterile gloves and using sterile equipment during the process so any other contact can lead to contamination and infection to your skin, blood, and your tattoo.

Don’t Touch Any Tattoo Equipment

Please also leave the tattooing equipment to the professionals. Not only will you contaminate anything you touch but your tattoo artist will not be impressed having to sterilise equipment again and the risk of damage to the tattoo gun or any other equipment in the studio.