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Tattoo Shop Warrington
Cover ups

Cover ups

All tattoos could be covered up but the process requires more thought and effort being put into the design to be used so we can get your old tattoo covered up for the job to be done right.

Covering up tattoos usually have to be a little bit bigger than your original tattoo, your artist will work with you to help create a new design that matches your style and to be able to provide you with a design that your comfortable with. 

We want you to be happy with your cover up tattoo just like you would be with a new tattoo, as that is what you will be getting.

Your new design will need to be a design with the cover up in mind, as the aim is to totally hide your old tattoo or maybe to improve on your old tattoo, so depending on what you’re looking for more thought might be needed on the style of your new tattoo and the colour scheme so that your old one can be disguised.

A cover up might take a bit longer to tattoo then a non cover up, as there will be other factors to consider, such as location, old colour scheme, type of ink, and the replacement colour scheme, the actual cover up tattoo may also become limited in the style that you can choose.

The amount of time and planning will vary from each cover up, we recommend that you call into the shop so that we can discuss with you what options are available for you.